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NYIPLA Roundtable: From Associate to Founder

April 16, 2019
COO Richard Zemsky will join a panel of other attorneys-turned-entrepreneurs to discuss the mechanics of building a company, the skillsets required, and general advice for attorneys looking to form or join a start-up.
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Supercities Podcast

April 2, 2019
CEO Dr. Jennifer Perusini sits down with the Supercities Podcast to discuss Neurovation Labs.
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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Postdoc Professional Series

March 11, 2019
CEO Dr. Jennifer Perusini will speak at UWM's Postdoc Professional Series to discuss both alternative science careers and the latest developments at Neurovation Labs.
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TBI One Love Radio Show

November 19, 2018
CEO Dr. Jennifer Perusini will be a guest on TBI One Love's radio show 10 pm ET/ 9 pm CT.
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CEO Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals Symposium

November 13-14, 2018
CEO Dr. Jennifer Perusini will be a VIP speaker at YJP's CEO Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals Symposium, participating on a panel discussing new treatments and care in neuroscience.
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