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Michelle’s Conversations that Matter with Michelle E. Dickinson: Revolutionizing the way PTSD is Diagnosed & Treated

December 1, 2020
CEO Jennifer Perusini spoke with mental health expert Michelle Dickinson about PTSD and the progress Neurovation Labs is making.
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Rx Chill Pill Podcast Interview: Revolutionizing Mental Health Diagnosis and Treatment with Dr. Jennifer Perusini

November 29, 2020
CEO Jennifer Perusini spoke with Rx Chill Pill host Dr. Juna Bobby about the innovative approaches Neurovation Labs is taking to combat PTSD.
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Wounded Warrior Project Webinar about PTSD

November 23, 2020
Dr. Jennifer Perusini will be speaking with the Wounded Warrior Project about our "Rapid Biomedical Diagnostic and Precision Treatment for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder."

Generation Science Healthcare Panel & Webinar Event

November 2, 2020
CEO Jennifer Perusini will be speaking about Neurovation Labs, her career transition from neuroscientist to entrepreneur, and the importance of focusing on mental health as a part of the coronavirus recovery response. The event is hosted by Generation Science, a nonprofit organization that provides students with science resources and opportunities. Virtual event.
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CUNY Neuroscience Career Development Seminar

October 13, 2020
CEO Jennifer Perusini will be speaking on alternative careers outside of academia at CUNY Graduate Center as part of the Neuroscience Department's Career Development Seminar Series. Virtual event.
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