Treatment Program for PTSD

We are building upon successful foundational research that established a successful cure for PTSD in a rodent model.  This piloted PTSD treatment in rodents consisted of a local, direct intervention shortly after a traumatic event to decrease functional calcium-permeable glutamate receptors in the amygdala to non-PTSD levels. Successful testing in the rodent model effected a complete reversal of PTSD without amnesia for the triggering trauma. 

We are now developing a non-invasive oral treatment for PTSD. Our treatment is a small molecule drug designed to bind to and block our biomarker. The medication is being designed with regional specificity in the brain, within the amygdala. Unlike existing PTSD treatments, which typically temporarily suppress symptoms, we target the biological cause of PTSD—an up-regulation of a receptor protein in the region of the brain responsible for fear learning. Our small molecule drug discovery program began in Spring 2021, with initial hit identification expected in early 2022.

We are developing an oral medication with a simple regimen. No more symptom band-aids, trial-and-error, or drug cocktails. Complete symptom reversal will be possible. Our targeted approach will enhance tolerability and mitigate side-effects, making it the best possible treatment option.